Thursday, April 18, 2013

Love our neighbors

Thank you for being my new found friend in school, someone I can relate comfortably to. Today was the last presentation that we ever had to face for this semester, and all projects are down - Finally taking a breather from the ongoing massive workload and do proper studying for finals. Rch and I went to the gym for a run, a little workout and spin in the noon today, and I picked up a medicine ball (same colored with my sports bra) coincidentally. So much had happened within the past 2 weeks, and I can't be more thankful and glad that everything that I thought was tough - is now over.

It was a little flo-bear gift I bought for Rch before rushing to school on a Tuesday to pass it to her for her 21st. I was never a fan of flowers, but I walked past the florist and I saw this bear sitting in the fridge with a tutu-flowered skirt. I couldn't resist my purchase and it looked so happy to be in my arms. I hope you loved your birthday gift nonetheless :)


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