Saturday, April 13, 2013

Savour 2013, Singapore

This was where Dan and I spent most of our time at - A wine bar that we made very happy conversations at, exposed to 43 different types of wine (and more) and tasting each one of them which we exude very little talent in.

The above images were what we have tried and shared in order:

1. Slow cooked 1824 Beef Cottage Pie with Hot Smoked Potato
It was from Chef Anthony Demetre, Wild Honey UK.

I had a hard time trying to capture the beef and the potato with it (contained in a cup and a bad lighting), 2 pieces of beef that melted in our mouth immediately. The first dish that I finished entirely, including the sauces mmm.
Find more of these chefs and their culinary from Savour's website here.

2. Biltong Cured 1824 Beef Fillet, Warm Corn and Maize Salad, Chakala Ketchup with Bone Marrow Dressing
Chef Margot Janse, The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Francais South Africa.

That was a long name there, but it described the dish perfectly. What won our tongues over was the beef fillet, sliced that was cooked to perfection (medium-raw). It wasn't tough to chew and it's amazing.

3. Slow Cooked Angus Ox Cheek braised in Burgundy, Horseradish & Potato Puree, Roasted Carrots & Bone Marrow Crumb
Chef Jason Atherton, Pollen Street Social UK.

It stole the limelight for the night. I loved the sauce (burgundy, horseradish and potato puree) complemented the softness of the cheek, topped with crunchiness of the crumbs and a delightfully roasted carrot crunch.

4. Chocolate Brioche
Chef Ulf Wagner & Gustav Tragardh, SJOMAGASINET Sweden.

Short and Sweet. A chocolate brioche (wheat) with chocolate cream and cloudberries. It was the last dish we had for the day (with a long queue) and made it more worth it. It was warm, and the cream was the crop! We had our perfect food-night. It was a pity how we couldn't continue our hunt for more food, which you definitely have to purchase more Savour Dollars for!

It was partly because we wanted to rush for our wine and cheese pairing class! While waiting at the wine lounge, we continued our quest of more white and red wine tasting... I learnt a fair bit about cheese during the 45minutes, can you tell which is an older cheese?

They offered complimentary range of classes from baking to gourmet to lifestyle! I could have spent the entire day at Savour if it wasn't for a busy schedule, but that's okay. We spent the last one and a half hours in Savour's Market (Jasons Market Place) and we bagged home cream cheese spread and butter from Italy, German sausages bratwurst, Jamie Oliver sauces, 4 bottles of sea salt and other random groceries. My crazy week officially ended on a fairly good note, and thanks to Dan for being such an awesome impromptu partner whom agreed to go with me in the middle of the night! I think this post deserves an immediate update on its own, while the taste still lingers in my mind...


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