Monday, May 27, 2013

Bali in Summer Part 2


When I said I was still suffering from the post Bali syndrome that I had, I meant it (in a good way). Bali is nonetheless beautiful - We wake up at sunrise when the roosters in the farm near our Villa (Located in Canggu, slightly off town) crow intermittently at 6 to 7 in the morning. Travelling in a group of 17 has its benefits. We had 2 villas side by side in a single estate with our very own security post. It’s nice to run around, get woken up for breakfast that had been prepared, waiting to be received before starting our journey. The mornings are simple; they’re usually covered in fine mist of fresh spray from the greens around us. Every view I take is breathtaking.

We lazed at around by the pool in our Villa after breakfast, and headed to places like Dreamland in Uluwatu. Perfect day, perfect weather for body-boarding. The first had its moments, and a video I captured compensated for those amazing memories that were left behind, sinking into fine sand and vast skies. The waves, they come gushing to shore roaring like thunder, covered the sand and soaked feet, and what seemed like a sea vacuum that retrieved the waves, leaving white debris that slowly disappeared with it. The boys consumed the sun, the sea and their fun. We stay soaked in the pool at above, watching them and talking about our lives. The only drink that was missing at best, was having a chilled lychee martini at hand.

For most of the time, I hooked my hands around Justin’s crook of an arm, or a tiny twirl around our pinkies as we walked the streets of Kuta. Large selections of food and offshore attractions are not to be missed. We boarded Bounty Cruises and had another day of Snorkeling, Banana Boat, Water Slides and had our best shots captured from the dive board into the sea. Priceless I’d say. I’d recommend to pay more for a larger selection of packaged activities because what we had was pretty limited. The cruise ride back to the island was filled with jazz, country music and R&B which the band played on board. I sat on the upper deck, donned only in bikini and soaked up some Bali sun.

By the end of the trip, we’ve turned various shades of brown. It was the feeling of freedom, the feeling of being holed up with work for too long that resided - It was how everything looked so new, so foreign and fresh before it faded away. Deep thoughts - It felt as though I spent my whole trip in that song of “Your body is a wonderland”; relaxed and freed of emotions. We love new adventures; we are young and have a constant urge to seek and receive. I’m beginning to explore Bali at its fingertips, but I’ll defo come back for more.

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