Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Swimwear by Newindecember

"Because if things change, you remember how they used to be and you're disappointed.
If you don't have any expectations going in, you can't be let down."

Some strength and endurance since post exams, but I've been busy preparing for the launch of my swimwear; making arrangements with the model and spending 5 days of my Summer in Bali. It was nothing short of an amazing experience, and we're pretty much still stuck in reverse and definitely unintentional. So the sneaks are finally up! I've got them in 2 colors (pink and black) and I'm in the midst of everything - Preparing for my US visa, catching up with long-time friends, spending more time with Justin (ever since I started prepping for my exams I hardly had time with him) and now that my dad's back for his annual vacation and my grandfather's 100th day of passing, we get a little more family time together.

It's going to be exciting, and I will be in San Francisco, California by the end of June. So if you'd like to purchase a set of swimwear and you're from the US, e-mail me to let me know! I'll bring them along with me! I'm pretty much excited about it, and special thanks to my cousin for helping me out with the shoot and some amazing friends. Time is creeping... I had a rough edge after exams but life is filled with bountiful chances, and I am blessed and glad to be able to receive them!

I can't commit to writing every single day, but I will soon; I care about my work, and there is so much more that I'd love to share - and the amazing people in my life. Email me at to pre-purchase if you're already interested! It best fits UK8-10, with Cup B and above :) Thank you, you guys are an amazing bunch!


  1. Wow! Beautiful swimsuits! I loved both colours. ♥

  2. OMG congratulations - this is absolutely amazing! I might have to interview you for my blog :) x, Kat

    Love and Ace

    1. Ah Kat! The opportunity is amazing! I would be more than glad to do it for you :) <3

  3. Hi! thanks for stopping by my blog! Oh my goodness, CONGRATS on this new swimwear line! They are amazing!! I love the pink one! This is my first time visiting your blog, but is that you modeling the suits? HOLY COW you are one GORGEOUS lady!! absolutely stunning!
    Have a great time in San Francisco! It really is a beautiful city. I would recommend going to Fisherman's Wharf if you like seafood! It's also really beautifully located by the water.

    Sunny with a side of...

    PS- newest follower on GFC :)


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