Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Arranged, Maybe.

Last Saturday was a fun-filled one. Justin and I woke up at 8am, grabbed a burger and rode to meet Silver and Jeremy for their product-launch shoot. It was an amazing experience, pretty crazy and fun. Sammy got both of us tickets to Beautifuladieu's workshop - which I bagged home a new bag of amazing tips and tricks of natural light photography and photoshop. New stuff taught and learnt; so I don't get too boring.

It was nice to see Sammy again. He just started his work and writings at curiouspaperplane.com so if you're a little curious bout his work and photography, that space can be awesome. Slightly personal, mostly inspirational :) I might have more than a hundred and one things on my mind and it feels pretty stuffed right now, but the people in my life thus far made this journey more bearable and amazing. Those knots must find its way to get untangled, and I must stop being a sloth (I have been one since the start of summer break).

Stace suggested I should blog about my workouts and routines. She'd be interested; maybe I would? x

Meantime, my swim's site is up and running. Head over to http://newindecember.tumblr.com to view in 2 colors (Black and Pink)! It felt pretty arranged, delicate maybe. I had another awesome shoot with Anastasia on the following day by the pool and it was my first, learnt new stuff on the job and I must say I loved every single minute of it. It was joyous, chirpy and conversational. Wait, pardon me the rookie and it was an enjoyable process, nonetheless.


  1. Omg girl everything is coming together so beautifully - huge congrats from California for you! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

    1. And I want to thank you for always and constantly showing me all your support Kat :') I will be in California in less than a month and I can't wait to see what the amazing city is able to offer! Morning my love!

  2. Hi Jo, your photos are beautiful! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. I'm following you on instagram and GFC.

    xo Jo


  3. Love your photography! It looks like it came out of a Vogue magazine :) very elegant and professional!

    Keep on shooting!

    Grace www.ouihui.blogspot.com

  4. All the best with the new swim wear line dear <3

  5. Hi Jolene,

    For some reason your comment ended up in my spam filter which I was just checking now! I think it's great that you are also continuing your study, to find what it is you truly love. Certain jobs can be romaticized and I think that's one of the things that can be difficult as you have this misconception and when your expectations aren't met, well, it's disappointing to say the least.

    Ah and Lee is just part of my first name. I am mixed - Scottish/Greek, not quite what you were probably thinking ;)

  6. :( hi jo...i'm so bored at work ( actually i just don't want to do work ) but interning sucks.


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