Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beerfest Asia 2013


It doesn’t take more than a minute to get tattooed by Gumtoo - Designer’s Temporary Tattoo and you get to feel like a kid all over again. After a 3-hour shift at Beerfest Asia, I went home looking like a girl with cute graphics plastered all over my body. And no, awkward and weird stares I got from strangers didn’t stop me. I thought I loved the motorcycle tattoo best, and I saved it for almost 5 days until I met Justin so I could show it to him before I finally decided to wash it off in the shower.

Trish and I got pretty excited when we were being gumtooed at work. We’ve met pretty awesome customers at Beer Fest and what made our night even better were people being so spontaneous to get it on their head, neck and a “full temporary sleeve”! So we popped by 7-11 and bought 2 takeaway microwave meals back to Studio M (which Dan booked for her weekend staycation and lovingly accommodated us, thank you!), and got a What’s for dinner?-conversation from a really nice traveller while waiting for the lift at the lift lobby. The best time after work is to be around friends that you can be comfortable and look ugly with, I think they can be those companions.


Some of the customers that we gumtooed on the last day of Beerfest… And a Chow chow mixed Poodle that I spotted and fell in love with, had a connection and it was special. I love dogs, and it made me miss my 2 little ones at home already. Right now I’m pretty stuck in bed switching between Food Network Asia and TLC; in attempt to scribble try-its-at-home that are good, and doing some research on Vegas, LA and SFO, exciting the monster in my head. If you have anywhere that I should visit for the next 2 months in these places, please feel free to share with me :) You guys are awesome x

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