Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Around Berkeley's Hood

I could vividly remember my 9 hours flight transit from Narita to San Francisco - I fell asleep for what seemed like only an hour, and for the remaining 8 hours I was caught up watching movies on board - Chasing Mavericks, Million Dollar Baby and maybe a few more that I probably drifted in and out of sleep in between. My ear drums hurt excessively from the constant plug-in of my earphones before it really gave me a headache and maybe what seemed like a jet lag or lack of sleep, possibly.


We had issues with the delivery of our checks to move into our apartment from Singapore to Berkeley, and it didn’t arrive on the day that we did. We were all tired, jet lagged, and I couldn’t decide if I was too full from the constant meal servings on the plane or I was hungry. I managed to skype Juju from the airport before we managed to take Bart down to Downtown Berkeley (and an adventure it was indeed). So my roommates and I walked University Avenue looking for a motel, inn or lodge that actually opens on Sundays and finally found Travelodge - Paid 146usd for a night (?!) there and it was how it looked like from the movies. 

It was probably the worst night in Berkeley - I woke up at 12, went back to sleep at 2, woke up at 6 and watched the news on TV on Bart’s strike. That was then… I still love cereal with milk mornings, and the cool weather I get to wake up to in summer. But I really miss the warmth of the sun sometimes. 

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