Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello from San Francisco!

This was taken on our road trip from LA to Vegas. It got pretty warm and I woke up to this breathtaking view that kept me awake, at least for a while. I promise to post pictures I've curated over the past few weeks and the coming 2 months, but I think I've been so busy traveling, moving and settling down it gets a little hard. I miss my boyfriend.


  1. Gorgeous photo! I've driven that route many times (although I've never seen this!). Can't wait to see more photos - hope you can reunite with your bf soon hun! xx Kat
    Love and Ace

  2. beautiful picture! breathtaking. my husband wants to move to san francisco so badly! we were hoping to visit in september but we're afraid it's not happening. i've only been there once and my husband used to live nearby!


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