Saturday, August 10, 2013

Home Sick Alien

Sick alien’s coming home to another school semester in Singapore. I’m not complaining, and I figured I’m not a person that would leave my home in Singapore for anywhere else in future unless necessary; I kind of have the perfect people that I want to live and co-exist with - My amazing Family and Friends. 


These are some of the prints that I will be submitting for my final project. There’s quite a number that I’ve picked out from the rest of the “hazard”, and I never thought I would actually one day be serious about photography. I’ve always seen it as recreational and leisure. The thing about having a camera with me all the time is that; it acts as my pair of eyes that I can’t exactly seem to relate with, or consume my surroundings at that point in time. Talk about oblivion. 

I think it speaks and relates better to me as a person and what I may be able to express out of it. Both Projects (1 and 2) have came out very differently and wild, the first of “Solace” and the second of “Golden Home”. They’re 2 very different stories that I tried to depict out of a 10-photo series. 

Happy feasting! And a Happy National Day Singapore! 

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