Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lake Tahoe

I have so much thought-flow going on in my head in class right now and I have this adrenaline and inspiration series that I can’t wait to execute. I think that’s the beauty of art and literature. This is almost the first time I’m experiencing this unique feeling all the time and as far as I can remember, it is an awesome feeling, to me at least. 


Lake Tahoe was amazing. It was a lot of sun, rays, people and nature. We made new friends here in Berkeley, and drove up (not together) but stayed at the same inn at Lake Tahoe. We spent the first day by the lake doing water sports, but I called out and sat by the pier with chips and a few cans of beer. We had a frisbee party before the night fell and temperature dipped almost 20 degrees lower. 

We held our post celebration of our first road trip at Macduffs Public House tucked at South Lake Tahoe. There was a game of SF Giants that night so we dined and cheered. I sat with half my body at the table and towards the tele, with my Mother Earth wood-fired pizza and a Racer-5 IPA. There’s something I love about IPA that I’m missing Brewerkz IPA back in Singapore right now. x

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