Sunday, August 25, 2013

Making another road trip to Vegas

That was us; our faces after a night without sleep spent at a bar in Vegas with Leo and his friends. Trin and I knocked out immediately after dimsum breakfast in Chinatown, and woke up to The amazing Hoover Dam. The whole damn view took my breath away. I was fighting my instincts as to what picture I’d take on which gadget first. My Canon, s95 or my iPhone? Video or not? I couldn’t decide. 

While the girls went crazy looking for penny pressers, Shao and I took a walk along the bridge and stood between Nevada and Arizona. So we continued our journey to The Grand Canyon (Almost another 4 hours drive) and got our ears popped along the way. Trin and I went back to snoozing before we stopped by Route 66 for gas and lunch before I took over the wheel. 



There was a sudden downpour during my drive to Grand Canyon. Visibility was low and I had to slow down. Unprepared for weather cooler than Vegas and the rain which dampened our mood for Grand Canyon, I was pretty much frowning while driving (especially with the lack of sleep the night before). Almost an hour with low visibility and heavy rain, it stopped. I was joyous! We kept our sun-roof opened, took turns to scream into the mountains and stood along the backseat with the wind in our face. Even the drizzle felt awesome. 

No, Grand Canyon didn’t disappoint. In fact it was even better. The rays peeped through the clear clouds after the shower and casted such a nice warm glow on the Canyon. It wouldn’t have been possible to capture such a sight if it was still clear and sunny, it would have been different. The colors were amazing, and I couldn’t explain how I felt (despite 12 degrees in the cold and wind) My fingers were almost freezing without a jacket, trying to capture the most photographically beautiful place I’ve ever seen, set right before my eyes. 

I thank my wonderful roommates for all these memories. We were strangers, and if not for Summer Exchange we wouldn’t have known one another. I’m glad we decided to stay out of campus (which aided in our bonding), met new friends, forged new friendships and created new memories. These flashbacks are real. 

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