Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Something red, something golden

What’s being in San Francisco without visiting the Golden Gate Bridge? What I liked about being in the Bay area was meeting the various people from different backgrounds and diverse cultures and it couldn’t have been a more rewarding experience to interact with every one whom I’ve met. We were blessed with a great weather in San Francisco and a fog-less bridge. It was best to arrive hours near dusk, so we walked the bridge, shot photos, walked back to another vantage point and caught another sunset. 

Looking back, we have been truly blessed with great weather (almost every day) and catching sunrises and sunsets speak for my whole summer experience in the West. From Canyon rainbows, by the lake in South Lake Tahoe, in Vegas, on the drive to LA and back to Berkeley; my memory is filled with them. 

Those were the magic moments that I couldn’t help not having Ju with me; it would almost had been perfect. My roommates and I stood watch another most amazing sunset at a random spot while finding Grizzly Peak and getting lost, walking past houses and steep slopes without a car. We sat there until it all turned dark, and sat a while longer before we hiked back down and grabbed a warm meal of Pho (That we frequent almost 4 times during our stay) along Shattuck Ave. 

But for now, it’s Week 3 in school and I think I’m pretty much on track. Just need a little more discipline before Ju gets back from Bangkok. I miss having a spotter, an encourager and a lover in the gym. 

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