Tuesday, September 24, 2013

For leaving on a flyaway

I guess I feel a little more than 140 characters today. And I haven’t been treating my twitter well recently (I don’t tweet a lot in fact) but I tend to try to write about my inefficacy from time to time. I wrote about how I’ve been feeling sappy for the past few days and I could even abandon my blog that I love all the time. What happened to the girl who went determined and wild in chasing her dreams? Today I read an article that was so beautifully articulated and written. It wrote about the things in life that could be worth more than just dollars and cents, and if happiness was nothing but just a facade. 

The walls we’ve build to shield us from all the hurt, the pain and the struggles still lets the hurt, pain and struggle to penetrate through them, then rake us skin deep. Hurt is a sign of emotion and a sign of affection. Because if we didn’t love, we wouldn’t feel pain. Such pain weighs us like an emotional baggage, apart from the daily commute or the daily wander. But not all who wander, are lost. But it feels abso-fuckinglutely gut-wrenching. And definitely felt much better than what I’d have written in a one-liner, as I would have done per se.

Could I be lost?

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