Friday, September 13, 2013


Here’s Ju in his monthly trimmed hair after I got back from the states not long ago. I like how I spend my weekends laying in bed all day, tell him what I want and like to eat, and what I’d like to do. And then he does them all with me, no complains. But here’s his super cute and sweet side of him, especially when he hugs me all the time :) 



And we just booked our tickets to Bangkok in October. I’ve heard so much about Bangkok from my friends I haven’t actually got to experience it myself (Apart from Krabi and Phuket) I’m actually quite excited and I can’t wait! I spent Friday in school with my project mates and finishing up assignments that are going to be due next week. Still slightly behind but… I’ll work on them when I feel like it after watching Masterchef Season 4’s Top 4 and Finale. Talk about being Queen of Procrastination… I don’t crown it but I fit it exactly right now. I just want to be a sloth. 

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