Thursday, September 5, 2013

Words I'd say

I remembered the nights I stayed up, just smiling at you. I like how my nose finds its way between your arms, and then I/d lay there beside your tummy, and count your breath as I watch them bob up and down in momentum. It made me feel like I was out at sea. I love to place my head on the pillow that you put on your leg when you’re playing dota, and then when your hero dies you dive down and give me a kiss. I really wanted your hero to die more so I’d get more kisses, and I’d fall asleep before your game ends most of the time. I love them, I still do. 

I like how your bike sounds when you come riding from afar; it means you’re almost near and I get to throw my arms around you. This year had been tough, different and rewarding. Knowing you for 5 years in my life, and being together with you for 2, through the good and bad in our relationship, there would always be moments that you’d make me feel special and worthy of - Times where you put me before everything else and make me your priority. I do too. And right now I just want to whisper all my insecurities about life to you. 

I’m scared. Because life itself is so beautiful. I don’t want to destroy what it has for me. And I think that is why I seek love in different avenues; my source of escapism. I feel free. Here it is again, my thoughts have interrupted me. 

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