Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A short break at PS Cafe

PS Cafe was something that Rch had been telling me about last semester while doing projects together. She raved to me bout their truffle fries, and I really wanted to try. After semester PS Cafe-trip never happened until I got back, so we went there 2 weeks ago for lunch and boy was it amazing. I checked into Foursquare and of course many other FS users listed it as a must-try; sinked my teeth into its crisp-ness and then it melted in my mouth. So I unknowingly kept picking at the fries instead of my main :( I miss it already.

It was nice meeting Rch after such a long break; this sem I don’t have her taking any similar mods as me so it’s as tough as hell, but I’m not complaining. It would be better if we could take the same mods together though :) And yes, the point of this post was to crown The truffle fries. The next 2 weeks will be pretty much hectic - assignments, projects and submissions and they’re not even complete. Still trying to work with my heart in SF though. 

Oh and before I forget, my friend from Indiana University (IU) is currently doing a fundraising for her senior year film project that was approved by a Hollywood producer. Please help fund them and realize their dreams by clicking on this link:

Any amount would help, from USD1 or 10 to have your name on the credit roll. Your help is very much appreciated! With love.

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