Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bangkok, 2013

I’ve been really fickle with my blog’s layout as of late - Partly because I don’t really know what I want, and I’m persistent in changing it hoping it would make me want to blog more. But I’ve been either really busy, or lazy. This layout’s a little different and I’m trying something new. It’s a little more to hide my posts and show more images (what I’ve always been doing) and maybe a change from large landscape images. 

I’m still waiting for Ju to bring my camera back from his place so I can finally get to look through what I took in Bangkok. Nothing amazing though. They’re filled with little snippets of what we did, no huge ass Canon or Nikon camera but just my pocket friendly s95.

Wednesdays are my stay-home days. I read what my friend posted on Facebook this morning “Snooze buttons are the worst inventions ever.” I don’t know how anyone could not relate to that but at that point in time when I felt like death dragging myself up from bed, I unanimously agreed. I like to keep lists, or an overview calendar of what my semester would be like. So last night before I slept I wrote down three things on my to-do list in my calendar (Learning my lesson from always being too ambitious) and I’ve checked two off so far. Thank God I’m on track. The very last one which is - To study for 4241’s 5% quiz tomorrow. I guess a little procrastination (Time at 8.24 now) wouldn’t hurt a little. 


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