Sunday, October 13, 2013

Beautiful and Blessed Friday

I love weekends. In less than 50 days Ju ends his conscription with the army and he’s been looking forward to that since forever; and I think I do too, subconsciously. I definitely have nights that I sleep alone and only wished I had someone to hug me to sleep, or I could replace my pillow with his arms and fall asleep instantly. But that’s what I do best, and I think it’s my forte - to fall asleep in seconds; not a really good kind of forte isn’t it? 

That’s our ride; His precious love for already 3 years and I wouldn’t want the yellow to go anytime soon. I don’t remember a lot of things, but I remembered at the exact same spot 2 years ago, he asked me for my favorite color and hours later, he called me down to see a new shiny red helmet sitting on his bike. I didn’t know what it meant; if it was a welcome gift or to ask me to be his girlfriend, but I only know I was genuinely happy. I don’t know what it meant to be in another relationship, but we’re hitting the 2 year mark in November and there are too many celebratory occasions in that month alone :) Ju’s birthday, our 2nd year anniversary, his ORD… 

I am thankful, blessed and happy. I never actually wrote how I loved being in love, because it sounds so cheesy and cliche. But I liked the whole idea of having someone being there for you, to comfort you and talk to you every single time. And definitely for Ju, for him to carry my backpack at the front of his body while on the bike, and then tells me there’s a chair at the back of the garage while waiting for his bike to be serviced for quite a long time. Thank you love. 

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