Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Contact Prints, 8.5" by 11"


These were some of the prints I constructed in my apartment back in Berkeley. I guess my mind was exploding with ideas and I didn’t know where to start photographing from, and I don’t exactly know how the pictures would turn out or what I’d like to convey. But prior to everything else, my life wasn’t in that much of a mess. I was just undirected, and I don’t exactly know what I want to do in a year after I graduate. 4 years seem pretty long after going through 3 years in Polytechnic, but it’s pretty much the last lap and I’m glad I’ve come this far, despite the many countless times I never believed in myself.

When I left for Berkeley it was mid June this year. And now another quarter has passed and 2013 gave me more determination and a great start to many things. I picked up fitness (on a more serious note) and became more in sync with photography. I never expected me to use it to convey things I’d like to reconstruct in my head; I’ve always shot it as leisure and more often than not, as a lifestyle. But I loved how my canyon photos turned out. I loved how I managed to capture all the endearing moments and sunsets while I was away. I loved how it made me feel that it was the closest connection to myself when I had no one with me. But I had it in me.

This is the start of my photography journey. I’m definitely not a certified professional, but I definitely have to pay my dues. Welcome to my life. I’m finally back on track with my weekly cardio, strength and conditioning. If you see too little of me here, join me on instagram: jolenepoh :)

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