Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Re-loving what was stitched



Beijing, Guangzhou & Wuhan; China


Hong Kong

Life was so much slower then. Those were my travel opportunities in the past, and travel images that I’ve curated over the years. In Berkeley, my tutor taught us to never throw hard-disks away, or back-up and back-up over and over again. I’m thankful I only did it once, and then it got stashed away after newer hard drives came about. And she said, “One day you’ll go back to the images and be amazed at what you once took." Indeed I questioned myself, "Did I honestly take this?" I think I’ve came a long way with documenting my-day-in-pictures, and now I find it hard not to; only lazier and masked with less time. 

My friend approached me 2 days ago and asked me about the images I once took. I never had (so) much faith in the quality of my images that I used to shamelessly put up (and I feel pretty much disgusted by it now that I think about it) and I still don’t put up decent photos; I don’t blame myself anymore. I think right now all I want to do is to keep an archive of things that I love, used to love, and revisit them from time to time. Maybe taking such images, armed with my camera (and not my laptop) unlike these days really made me curate and write about who I really am. And I believe how watching what a person shoots, writes, and post - depicts who they are; and what they fear losing the most. 

It is a lot about me, and I don’t know what about you. 

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