Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saveur, your affordable French Cuisine.

It has been storming outdoors as of late, so did my heart, with the exception of deafening thunders that makes my dogs go crazy about the house. I thought of November with a lot of hype and enthusiasm, and she quickly came and went, leaving streaks of panic attacks and maybe silence. Here’s a celebratory occasion (together, finally) of our 2nd year together at Saveur, an affordable French cuisine dining located at Purvis St or Far East Plaza. If you’re tight on cash or lost some deep pockets, here’s an attempt at having affordable quality food.

image Here’s the boy with a pang of excitement (and hates how I stop him to take photos). We started with Duck Salad as appetizer ($4.90). The duck was soft, and could almost melt in your mouth. Loved how the mini oranges at the side added a little sweet flavor to the lemon vinaigrette dressing on the whole.

image Checked into foursquare and here’s the signature Saveur’s pasta (a pretty small serving) that’s perfect for an appetizer as well, tossed with chilli oil and some mini ebis ($4.90) which I’ll recommend you to ask them not to top it on your pasta if you’re allergic to seafood. Even after manual removal after serving I still itched the entire night :’( But it was such a great combination of taste I’d say, a little different from agilo olio but that’s what you’ll expect.

image Another uninspiring image of the Duck Leg Confit as a shared main ($12.90). Alike the duck salad, the duck was soft and delicate. I fell in love particularly with the mashed potato, not too milky or tough with the right texture.

image Ju’s choice of the lot, braised beef in red wine ($16.90). The beef was well-braised, soft and tender, almost melting in your mouth in a perfect doneness of medium to medium-rare. I am not particularly fond of their salad on this dressing, partly because of the weird taste which I can’t seem to comprehend.

image Claiming the title of all desserts, the Panna Cotta ($7.90), topped with sprinkles of ground nuts and pistachios. I loved the entire combination of pistachio with nuts, if only I get the luxury of having the nuts on every layer. Mmmm. Reminds me of the times I spent in front watching Masterchef USA and the home-cooks perfecting their Panna Cotta :)

The day was perfect. Thanks for the few hours of time-off from the week-long revision. Nothing fancy, but something worth remembering for yet another lifetime. 

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