Friday, November 22, 2013

The surface of Bangkok

I got sick of studying/ prepping for finals that I’ve decided to stick my head back into my blog and update a little… It’s been pretty stale for a while, especially after I wrote about my short bangkok trip with Ju over one of the weekends in week 10, and I never talked about it again. I probably can’t offer the best advices/ blogs of where to go and what to do there, but here’s some snips of what we did.

Really hate flying in the morning now because of long taxi-queues. Kor said it was because of “peak” flight-times :(

This was soi 19 (I think), we were basically looking for the good wanton mee and pork leg rice store and I just decided to take this random shot (which we went back for 2 days) for.

It was a Saturday so I bugged Ju to go JJ with me. I think I really need to go bangkok again to re-explore JJ because it’s quite confusing. All I remembered bout the trip was how we ate every 2 hours or ate everywhere. The pig gets hungry easily!

The really generous amount of coconut ice-cream and coconut that was too yummy~~ Went back on the second day and felt devastated that I didn’t have any stomach space left for it.

Settled our pre-dinner at this mini tentage area where there are a lot of stalls and food to choose from. We ordered pad thai and tom yum goong (writing about this now makes me salivate when I think about how spicy it was) but really yummy at the same time. I love spicy food :) We entered from Entrance 1 and it should be on the left!

Settled here for chicken noodles. It was really crowded and Ju’s hungry so we ate (again)!

We went back to Platinum on the 2nd day, was lazy to walk the entire thing in a day and my head was almost exploding… We decided to have my chocolate banana crepe (I was hoping more for a pancake though like the one I had in Krabi but nope, nothing close) and sat by the side of Shibuya eating it, and talked about… Stupid things as usual.

Pla Tong Mookata, Bangkok, Thailand

What’s Thailand without mookata right? I’ve eaten my fair share of mookata in SG twice, but since we’re in bangkok I just googled for some blogs and ended up at this place in Pla Tong (I don’t have the exact location either) but just google Pla Tong Mookata, opposite Century Movie Center! Alternatively you can take the train to Victory Monument Station and it’s about a 200m walking distance. It’s an all-you-can-eat and it’s 135baht for 2 pax and above per person, it’s b4b and really affordable, with a wide variety of food and super clean too!

Update on 25/3: Just in case you're reading this now, I think they have increased their prices! It is no longer 135 baht. But still pretty affordable. We dined at this roadside tze-char store alike on our last night in bangkok (after having mookata and JJ again). The only thing I loved was the spicy chili. I had some omelette rice I think!

The next morning we were all colorful and headed for another kickass massage. It was a really short weekend trip and there wasn’t much that we could do but… It’s worth going back there again, plus it’s cheap!

I’m realllyyyyyy sick of prepping for exams and writing about this… Makes me want 2nd December to come by really quickly. 10 more days :)


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