Sunday, January 19, 2014

A day in HK

A photo-log or journal of the travels spent away from home.

Unlike usual travels, dorm-life isn’t that fun to document. The first week in Hong Kong was spent attending orientations, school talks and trips to Ikea/ Jusco (HK’s version of Daiso) - mostly buying necessities for the room and most importantly, having a fully equipped bed. I’ve made new friends here and we hang out almost every day, in sync literally. We live right next to one another so that’s one thing in common; we don’t have to travel across the road just to hang out in each other’s room. But the majority (Tina1, Tina2, Kevin and Roy) lives in a newer and nicer residence so Tim and I are so jealous. But that’s okay.

My dad had a meeting in Shenzhen last weekend, so he took a train to meet me at my school on a Saturday morning. I was elated! So he brought me to Tsim Tsa Tsui and I suggested having dimsum, or yum cha. Most restaurants open at 11am, some slightly earlier but we were too early. But we finally settled for one in Harbour City, located on the 4th floor (海港城鴻星海鮮酒家). The food was pretty decent and the view of the harbour was amazing. There are so many other yumcha restaurants in Hong Kong that I’ve yet to try, but I would soon. I am spoilt for choices.

Saturdays had easily became one of my favorite days of the week. I dropped one of my classes on Fridays and I’m due for fitness classes on Sundays. Lazy Sundays we call it. Essentially, I find myself waking up at 8 in the morning trying to figure out my classes. Then I’d scramble for digestive biscuits to dip it into my coffee for the day. The combination (that was taught by my grandmother) is the-best, I’ve learned.

It’s the first week of school, and I would be attending my last class of the week tomorrow noon. I think I’ve gotten used to the cold; the chill in the morning and the wind that gets in my face at night. I loved the feeling of my bare feet touching the ice-cold floor every morning, before kicking my feet back into my fleece bedroom slippers. Mornings have become fun to wake up to; I don’t dread it that much anymore. And I also managed to switch off the lights before I go to bed last night for the first time ever since I got here last Monday. I realized that the people whom you hang out with is important. I feel comfortable laughing with them, and I don’t feel 23 at all.

I am turning 23. Time flies.

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