Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is amazing. I’ve never been so close to nature and breathtaking sights in HK before, this time it’s a little different. It’s a little part that I’ve opened my heart to - exploration. These sights are secondary. What exactly went through my mind during the (mini) hike, was a turmoil. I thought about how I missed my family, and yearned for my grandmother to enjoy these little nothings in life. It didn’t cost much to get there, just a $16.50HKD per trip for a ferry ride from Hong Kong Island. Just quaint, laid-back and serene.

I sent my mom the photos immediately. She replied, “Wow, take us there someday.” I really wanted to. I’ve been really active with my Facebook these days. My friends here in Hong Kong are really active with theirs, and I’m almost keeping up. We signed Cali Gym here, and it’s been a week since I’ve joined their Privilege Membership; I’d say luck was on our side, and we’re just making a hell full use of it. The facilities are amazing. The classes are, kick-ass.

This is a place that I’d like to re-visit again, probably alone. X

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