Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Shanghai Escapade

Shanghai was… Well, Shanghai. We did almost everything the travel guide has told us to, well almost. We flew in and have met with the wet, chilly and cold SH weather. It definitely wasn’t the best weather we were expecting for, but I guess the rain and puddled floor really made its buildings and lights reflective in the night, and that’s okay. I kind of loved how the photos turned out, loved how the old streets of Shanghai looked in winter, and loved how every street and corner were photographic opportunities.

The world is a beautiful place, with some places as compared to the others, are less travelled. Many of us struggle with our inner-self, our inner thoughts, and have seen people in the world get bullied, assaulted, and even breaking hearts and losing self-worth. Then I asked myself, “What have I done this far?” Many things. Some, I would have regretted along the way, and for some… I wouldn’t want to change a thing. Through the cold wind and heavy air, I thought about what would happen a year down the road. I would have graduated then, I wouldn’t be traveling like how I currently am. What would it be like?

Mid-life crisis, I googled. Entranced by the crisp air… I’m just sitting on my bed in residence, and my 1 day old fan/ heater right beside me, dreaming that it crackles. 2 more weeks to 5 mid-terms.

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