Monday, March 17, 2014

Birthday week in Hong Kong




This is definitely not for people with lonely hearts. 

The birthday week supposedly came and went, and alike all birthdays, we all have a story (or stories) to tell. It is a special day that belongs to you, that is pegged to everything about you. I am once again thankful, for the opportunities and people I have met throughout 23 years of my life; to watch me grow and change along the way. 4 days ago, my group of friends that I’ve met during my exchange in Hong Kong, has expanded. They’ve secretly designed a cake (themed Brown and Cony), bought and made gifts, wrote and drew cards, and in these 9 weeks, they know almost all about me. Thank you, I can’t thank you guys enough for making me feel so special, for going the extra mile and out of the way to accompany me and had one of the many best nights of our lives - One night that I’ll always remember. 

To these great people - Tim, Tina O, Tina L, Cheryl, Kevin, Roy, Selica, Joyce, Ian, Fei, Richard, Viv - Thank you for making that night so special. 

And then ju flew in on the very next day. I packed my bags with so much enthusiasm, only to catch a bus to the airport to pick him up. I waited in sheer anticipation, and saw him walked out of the arrival gates just like a movie star. The cold air gushed in my lungs, I took off from the spot that I stood glued at, only towards a warm-looking figure and the taste of familiar lips. It is what it’s like, when people describe, “a moment that froze in time.” It simply was. Following the next 4 days was just magic. 

I’ll leave that till next time :)

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