Monday, March 10, 2014

Lion Rock, Hong Kong


The last picture could be my favorite picture of all. A couple seated at the edge of the rocks, with 2 bottles of drink brought for their hike; and it’s them against the world. Two weekends ago, my friends and I decided to hike Lion Rock in Hong Kong, it wasn’t that tough of a hike per se, but thanks to a travel blog that Kevin found, it wasn’t that hard to find the entrance; with a hella good time. I was on a 2-week cleanse from beer since Shanghai, but I had one at the peak. Chilly, breathtaking. Burp. 

I had a mid-term on a Wednesday the week after, but it did not deter me from anything to experience local HK on a Saturday. We even met up again at night for Korean Chicken at Chum Chum after. The app “Open Rice” is a foodie app here in HK, but I still prefer Foursquare because I get to check-in and earn badges. Is that what “lock-in” and “switching costs” are all about? 

Well, if you’re ever interested in getting to the top, take an MTR to “Wong Tai Sin” Station, walk past the temple, straight down to a mini bus terminal, take a left and go up the slope. I wished I could remember the link of the blog so you’d get a rough idea, but it’s too much history in our chat to sieve through. Have some luck! 

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