Saturday, April 26, 2014

In Spring, we fill your heart with flowers


Singapore has almost 30 degree weather all year round, and I’ve gotten pretty much used to the heat at constant. And now I question myself, how did I really survive 23 years of that? We have to pay for our own A/C, and right now the heat and humidity is buzzing around in the room that my fan cooler alone is not able to suppress. The fact that I have discovered 2 new lymph nodes on my neck this morning, together with the heat at 28 degrees is not making me feel better. Right now I’m nursing the week-old hacking cough and coagulated phlegm with off-the-shelves lozenges, some medication from home and sea coconut cough mixture.

Let’s see how it works out. 

And after drinking cha tea (cha for tea) once, we just kept going back. Located in Eslite Bookstore at Causeway Bay that requires 2 transit from where we are, no tea beats that at the moment. The taste of dense oolong with the meltable soft chewy pearls in every sip of the straw… But one thing. 

I’ve missed taking photographs. 

If you know me, you know I love doing that. But it’s been a while and, sometimes we get lost, but we all have got to find our start somewhere. 

.. I am sitting around my desk, still on the white Macbook with a liter of water in my belly trying to nurse myself and get solid work done. 

.. My mind is thinking about stir-fried broccoli with carrots, onions and garlic with a bowl of hot steamed rice. Anything but liquid food.

.. It’s almost 6 now with the curtains drawn, it looks like it’s time for bed but it isn’t, and it isn’t a good work environment but I’m staying away from the heat. 

.. It’s a Sunday that I woke up wanting to work out to, but my body stops me from it. We need our rest days; signs of overworking. 

.. I think I will miss my personal space that I’ve curated and made in Hong Kong when I have to go back in May. 

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