Friday, April 4, 2014

Nike Dunk, Sky high Spring 2014

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One of the days that we’ve decided to go for a coincidental “Spring” themed shoot at a park near our school, and we came clashing in the same color of Tiffany green or blue. Well, the whole idea behind this notion was to showcase the new pairs of shoe choices that we’ve made while shopping at different Nike stores, until we’ve finally decided to settle on this pair at a discount (it was God’s calling) so we couldn’t say no to it. 

Located in Kowloon Tong, this was shot and taken at Shek Kip Mei’s Park. Times like these I wished I actually decided to bring my trustworthy Nikon with me, but then again on a long break it feels like carrying a brick around with such heavy baggages. Maybe the next time, I will (I think I miss it quite a bit now). And no, I’ve never upgraded since the last time I even thought about it. 

You know sometimes how you as a person, pretty goal-oriented, suddenly becomes really laid-back and disoriented? This pretty much sums up what I’ve been doing here. I go for classes, I still do work and now it’s the last lap of projects before I can finally go back, work for one more semester and graduate. I used to write about the mid-life crisis; where I’m stuck and pretty much unsure of what I’d want to do (still) after so much exploration and opportunities. I can never walk out of my comfort cave alone (since when anyone did?!) It’s horrible, my night remains as listless and dry like my days that I struggle to find myself within. It’s not how we’re supposed to feel when we’re 23, or struggle to prioritize what things in life are more important. 

I’m not being bitter… I’m just, maybe there’s something holding me back before life gives thrust. If so, what is? 

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