Sunday, April 27, 2014

Such is life

One moment you get crowned Princess, the next moment life throws you sour lemons. Just when you’ve thought you’ve got the hang of what people call the momentum, the “drowsy” label on the medication that you’ve read and consumed, starts hammering. You’ve been warned.

Such is life.

The emotional baggage that weighs you down. The clock-watching reaper that we all have been trying to count time; time that we have left till the end of the day. The days we’ve been through painfully and painlessly, and sometimes making nothing, or something out of nothing. The bruises that we get on our skin, but like paint marks they go. The many countless hollow sighs. 

Such is life. 

The times we get into troubles wishing we knew how we could fix them. The days we feel so hopelessly unhappy wishing we knew a better way to overcome these struggles. The life that we always find ourselves saying, “I’d give anything to be happy again.” But have we? 

Things happen either months too early or days too late; they just never happen on time, or the moment that you’d want to freeze it in time, ever. We could have had so much more, if we knew what to do with the time we’ve spent wasting on the nothings that we did. And only then when the time is up you realize there’s nothing that’s left for you, anymore. 

So we all get the awful pressure in our mind every other day, on days when you’re sick, or when you’re not, you get sick from work, from school, from struggling between life choices. I’d like to call them the mid-life crisis. And even if they’re not, these thoughts, like haywire, go on rebuilding on the trust and dreams that our minds have furnished them with. Our pillars fall. Defenses crumble. 

Life is for the better or the worse. 

.. Such is life. 

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