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The Taipei Adventure - D2/D3

It’s been some time since I earnestly felt like updating my travel site on the Taipei Adventure that I’ve embarked on last December here. Well, I managed to purchase air tickets for Taipei in December 2013’s departure during March when there was a sale (SGD$300 each, all-inclusive and a 20kg baggage each). The best time of the year to travel and the cool weather in Taipei seemed to beckon us on our trip in anticipation.

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This trip was no different. We spent most of our time shopping and eating, and exploring new places (without heading for museums or Taipei 101 tower) - mostly getting lost, taking the metro and walking more than a distance to visit a place we’ve already had in mind. If you’re looking for a “Things to do in Taipei" blog, I may not have the best information that could guide you. But yet some extraordinary food places that I’m so excited to fill you with! 

Zhongxiao Fuhua Station Exit 3
Ming Yao Department Store, turn right upon facing Uniqlo to the end of the road, and turn right again. Google map MIGHT help a bit.

Brands: NH, SVG, KIDS
1F,NO.115 Sec 4 Ren-ai Road, Da-an, District, Taipei City 106 Taiwan, R.O.C P・886-2-2771-9709

Here’s how we managed to find the only store in Taipei that sells Neighborhood, SVG and KIDS apparels. It wasn’t easy looking for it; Taipei’s roads and districts are not really clear; we asked around for a while before chancing upon it (literally). And it was almost dusk when we were done and the sky set to an almost light pink purple hue. It was amazing. Upon getting lost while finding our way, we found the entire stretch of hippie mini stores (alike our Haji lane). Some hidden cafes with roasted coffee beans permeating the area, and some Japanese dining hidden between the streets. 

No. 1號, Lane 32, Hanzhong St, Wanhua District Taipei City, Taiwan 108‎ ‪+886 2 2375 6299‬

Some reviews here on Google Plus!

We honestly didn’t know about this place, considering that we were staying in XMD, but the thing about XMD is that, no matter how late into the night or how hungry you are, you’ll be able to find something that fills your stomach or fits your needs. So we scrambled down from the hotel for some authentic taiwanese dinner and we found this store filled with takeaway orders and quite a queue. Some store that my cousin recommended us during the night in Club Lava, selling the best lu rou fan! So we found a seat for two and tried. Please order an additional egg on top, as well as their carrot cake! It was so pleasantly well-cooked, tasted so homely that we went down two days in a row for it, as snacks. These meals are cheap, but do not expect them to fill your stomach for dinner; there are so many food choices in XMD you’d probably be spoilt for it! 

Recommended to have蚵仔煎, 蘿蔔糕, 荷包蛋, 青菜湯, 滷肉飯

Taipei Breeze Center
Zhongxiao Fuxing Station
Google Map on how to go here

We decided to visit Breeze Center during the day, for a few hours because we wanted to get some Magazines that were only available in Kinokuniya. Another specialty stores as such would be Eslite Taipei, that you’d be able to access via Taipei City Hall! Somehow the name “Eslite” always reminds me of the one in Hong Kong, Causeway Bay where Silver and Jeremy recommended me to have 天仁喫茶, a signature Taiwanese Bubble Milk Tea. In United States and many other places, they’d like to call this Bobba. 

Shihlin Night Market

We took the metro and alighted at Jian Tan Station (red line) and followed the signs! We were meeting my Taiwanese friend (Lu Lu) on that day, but we were early so we decided to walk and explore on our own a bit before she ends school. We had beef noodles from a random stall (which was pretty okay~) nothing spectacular about it. However when Lulu arrived, she introduced us to a store that sells traditional taiwanese chicken cutlet (as above) that had a queue with at least 10 people before me. It was a huge portion and I’d advice you to share it and it’s definitely worth a try. We also walked the other side of Shihlin (I’m still confused as to how the directions work) but this other store sells cooked egg with fillings and choose your own toppings that was also another hype! Thank you lulu for the recommendations! They are not pricey AT ALL! 


Ju and I decided to head to XMD for lunch one fine day before heading to Beitou hot springs! During lunch, Ju checked his phone and saw Romeo’s instagram checking in at XMD’s starbucks, but that post was dated 2 hours ago while we were at lunch. So I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to “find” him there anymore. Right after we walked out of the restaurant on the way to the station, I nudged him and said “Isn’t that Romeo? IT IS! I’M GONNA TAKE A PICTURE WITH HIM.” Ahhhh what coincidence. Then it pretty much made my day :) 

It’s been 4 months and it’s almost bits and pieces as to what I can remember, but I still have photos from Beitou Hot Springs as well as random food places that we dined at throughout our vacation. Not including the malls or places that we’ve shopped at. I’d really love another vacay to explore other parts of Taiwan and we are in the midst of working it out! x

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