Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's been almost a month!

It’s been almost a month since I got back from Hong Kong, and no… No massive withdrawal symptoms because honestly, Hong Kong is very much like Singapore, and it’s only a 3.5hours plane ride away! The style is definitely what I missed when I was there, and the 50% off train rides concession for students… I only realized how expensive it was to take public transport (bus + train) to work and home every weekday, until Cheryl provided me a solution: To buy a hybrid concession for my travel. So I managed to get a hybrid concession at only $85, and I think the fare prices for concession actually decreased (hurrayyyy) and it makes travelling to work, back home, to the gym, or even lazy rides that are 2-4 stops away in your neighborhood worth it! I only have one more year to own a concession though, because the travel fares here isn’t exactly cheap… But that’s okay. 

For 2 weeks I bummed around doing nothing every day, procrastinated from unpacking my luggage, and the only productive thing that I’ve been doing daily and feel good about is going to the gym. I’m delusional! I go through phases especially with this gym regime. There are days that I feel extremely lazy and all I’d want to do is to lay in bed, and scroll through blogshops/ instagram on my phone or to re-watch Masterchef altogether. Then there are days that I’m excited to go to bed early that night so I would wake up to work out in the gym the next day! I don’t quite get myself, really.  

Here’s a little back progress, and I’ve been working very much on my back, shoulders and arms the past 2 weeks. I’d definitely love to share, but I wouldn’t have time to type out a concise routine. Just drop me a mail! Have a merry merry Sunday and holidays :’) 

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