Monday, June 23, 2014

It got me thinking

Will you return to the road not taken?

It will always be a question. The past 2 weeks, I’ve been obsessed with reading books while commuting to work, and I love visiting the library to do just that. I will never make good use of the books that I’ve bought, but I always tend to finish the ones I borrow. It’s… Weird. There was this book that I especially liked – “The Other Life – Ellen Meister” and the reviews I always thread on before deciding if I should borrow - The Other Life, Ellen Meister Book Review.

It was perfect, reconstructing two lives, as we all have choices to choose the paths that we will lead. I think part of the book has hit home for me – Sometimes constantly believing that there will always be such portals in our lives that could take us back to another; one with no worries, no pain and all that glam and classy. But sometimes life isn’t all of that. What if one day, it’d be nice to slip through, for a peek into your other life, especially when we are at a fork? 

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