Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 Types of Watches for Every Occasion


It’s been a month since my last beach holiday, and like other holidays, it was rather much perfect, notwithstanding the few hiccups we had. It wasn’t all about the kind of swimwear you get to put on, the kind of beach overlays, tops, shorts and sunglasses… Well partly. But it was also a lot about the fun, the quiet, and the mysterious. I’ve been away for a little too long, but after experiencing my daily commute to work, I’d like to share about the type of watches that I’ve noticed on many other foreign wrists on train rides, while they hold onto grab bars. Yep they’ve definitely caught my attention. I have a soft spot for watches. 

Since lists are easier to read, I figured why not jump on the bandwagon and have my own? 

1. The Classic Watch


Image Credits: Daniel Wellington US

DW watches has been pretty much the hype… With its nano strap watches for both men and women. So much that I’ve been seeing them around everywhere. It has a face of a classic timepiece to me; but I personally prefer leather straps more than nano straps, so others may beg to differ. I’ve picked out my favorite watch to pair it with any occasion - The Classic Cardiff, and I really like how sleek the entire watch is. I’ve seen ladies wearing them to work with work dresses, pants.. I think it’s an absolutely stunning piece for a classic. 

2. Chunky Arm Candy


Image Credits: MBMJ 

I personally own a pair of gold tone stainless steel bracelet from MBMJ that I got it a year back at the outlet stores in Vegas and I love it to bits. It was quite popular when it got reblogged on my tumblr feed all the time and I knew I had to own it. The chunky bracelet design actually works out as a great watch to match with other arm candies (bracelets and more bracelets). This is what I mean… It is an irresistibly yummy arm candy!



Image from Styled & Smitten

3. The Daily Essential


Image Credits: Lazada Singapore

Losing the gold hue on the watches, I’d pick an all silver, buckled-on watch for easy wearing daily. Casio watches are pretty much inexpensive and durable. I like it when watch faces aren’t exactly too small, and gives me both the date and time! They are pretty much the go-to brand if you’d like something on the lower range, from the classics to the glamour. It’s hard not to walk by a watch shop and look at the Casios on display. I promise you’d be spoilt for choices. I’d pick Casio Sheen if I actually had a higher budget, but for now, these would do. 

How about you? What are your favourite kinds of watches? 

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