Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The panoramic skyline of Hong Kong

Random snippets in Hong Kong

Random snippets in Hong Kong


  1. Lion Rock, Hong Kong

  2. City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong

  3. Harbour City, Tsim Tsa Tsui

The past 6 months in Hong Kong was, bittersweet. I have then found myself missing its diversity, the sky-scrapers that mask so well in the setting sun, and alas, what it has got to offer. That was the second last step of my journey, and now my final and the very last. The years of education that I’ve received thus far, is coming to an end (I probably already have a foot into adulthood and life of the unemployed). The number of shows that I’ve caught streaming on my laptop couldn’t have made me feel any less sappy. And not going to change the fact that, I miss the days I had in Hong Kong (as much as I missed home), and I missed the freedom I got when my dad hopped over from China for a visit. Priceless I’d say. 

Each time we go pale, we borrow colors from a palette and place them on our cheeks. Each time a picture isn’t perfect enough, we pull off some colors or sometimes, fit them on. Each time we weren’t satisfied with something, we find ways to patch the dissatisfaction that were made of flaws. That was how I lived, for the past 23 years. And I’m just wondering, if we drained the colors of our cheeks, the hues in a picture, and ripped what we’ve patched, would the non-existent tension, exist? 

The birds chased away the clouds and for a moment in time, through the images I learn tranquility and I see peace.

My Zen, my friends. 

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