Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Year, Old Resolution: Fitness

I know I know. We get this all the time - The phase that we’re genuinely interested in working out, and have got started, then hit a wall (like an injury) and everything starts going downhill from there. No motivation, no more zest. And then everything feels different. Days take longer to pass, and with time we get lazier, and lazier, and unmotivated, and feel perpetually tired all the time. And that’s how I felt. I felt miserable to even lug myself to even streettchhhhh. WHAT?!

But yada yada… That’s okay now because, this year I’ve started to get myself back on track with light training, a little a week and I try fixing myself once a week (and ache) and the following week and I’d say it’s better for me now, to ease back into the lifestyle where I used to work out 3 to 4x a week. I also purchased a foam roller off Qoo10 when some kind reader on my Instagram actually gave me some valuable advise, on how it could actually help stretch out the pain. It definitely helped at some point in time when I felt sooo horrible and painful I even told myself, “I wished I could foam-roll right now.” That intense. I loved the feeling of foam rolling after, targeting and hitting all the spots that you’re not able to hit with normal stretching :) Proven benefits!

Bangkok, Thailand 2014

That was me. Last August, when it was the period when I was also the strongest I’d say. Definitely not the best, but my peak for me, and I liked how I felt I was toned and strong at the right places.

Even though I put on 2kg but it was definitely good :) And I’m planning to start it all over again. So hopefully, you’ll be able to once again, follow me on my journey - And to be committed to share with you guys some of my thoughts, progress and results. It’s a lot in the mind, but I’ll strive.

Bangkok, Berkeley Pratunam GymBangkok, Berkeley Pratunam GymBangkok, Berkeley Pratunam Gym

I’ll send you guys updates again :) I’m sorry for being so back-dated, but bear with me while I sort my life out, and sieve through work-stuff once in a while!

2015 will be BIGGER, and BETTER! 

Wearing Urban Slings in this post.

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