Saturday, March 14, 2015

Introducing my furkids

It’s been some crazy days, and another year has passed since my last birthday. Last year, it was spent in Hong Kong with some amazing exchange friends, and it’s different how birthdays can get so different - the people, the place, the ambience and memories…

2 years ago, Ju and I adopted Winnie (a disowned maltese) on my birthday. 2 years later today, we have new bunnies added to our family :)

Ju gifted me both Netherlands Dwarf rabbits, one male and one female - Named Smarty and Lexy. Smarty (Male) is named Smarty by Ju because he’s incredibly smart on the first day we brought him home. Lexy (Female) is named Lexy just cause she’s lazy and sexy. Both are so cute and amazing to me.

imageSmarty and LexySmarty and LexySmarty and Lexy

And no, we do not keep them locked up in the cage. They do have a playpen, large enough to run, hop and jump around - We even found him in one of our potted plants one day; Smarty probably leaped with his small powerful legs into the pot and lazed there all day. Mischevious, naughty but soooo cute at the same time.

We made their cage into comfortable sleeping spots for them to snuggle in, as and when they would want to return after they’e done playing outside :) Smarty loves his freedom and returns for his food, while Lexy is kind of the princess of the house - She likes being indoors!

Here’s a picture of Wincci (Left) and Winnie (Right) with a box of their monthly treats from Woofpack Singapore - A monthly goodie pack for your dogs. It costs you from as low as $30/month (for 6 months) or $36/month (1 month) if you’d like to give it a try.

Did you know? We left the woofpack goodie pack on the bed one day and we came home to a ripped box with a hole at the side, thanks to the grouchy old lady on the left :P The smell of fresh Healthy Dog Ma treats must have permeated through the box, into her super sensitive nose and gone sniffing for it = box with ripped corners. Woofpack SingaporeWelcome to our lives, together with our extended furkids family! Definitely open to making friends with furkid mummies and daddies (Rabbits/ Dogs/ pets)!! Met the owner of Tokkie and Ollie bunnies through a carousell transaction - THEY’RE SO AWESOME AND NICE! Feel free to check them out on Instagram at @tokki.ollie. They give great bunny tips and advice, which I’ve been learning from recently too :)

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