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Supply & Demand, Orchard Gateway Singapore

Supply and Demand, Orchard Gateway Review
Al Vino Bianco with Clams in Penne & Pork (Cooked the way the chef cooks it)

Supply and Demand, Orchard Gateway Review
Carbonara Cremoso (Full Portion) in Penne

Supply and Demand, Orchard Gateway Review
Carbonara Cremoso (Full Portion) in Ravioli

Supply and Demand, Orchard Gateway Review
Chicken (Cooked the way the chef cooks it)

Supply and Demand, Orchard Gateway Review
Sweet Potato Fries

Last weekend, Denise and I managed to share a booth at one of Forfleasake’s flea market at Lucky Plaza. It was nice to hold a flea again (after like what, 3 years?) since the last one at Scape with my cousin. I cannot imagine 3 years worth of clothes to be sold away at dirt-cheap prices. But ta-dah, good riddance! But I still have a lot more to clear anyways… That’s the problem with girls. We fall in love with pretty things, too very often.

I digress. So Ju and his friends (Alvin and Tw) came down to lend us some help and support! I am so very grateful, thank you <3 And we treated our bellies to a nice meal at Supply & Demand, located at Orchard Gateway after. I first saw the location being tagged on my friends’ instagrams a while back, but I haven’t actually want to try it. It sounded like an economist decided to open his own store, and named it Supply & Demand after too much of S & D curves (^„^) And it never hit me that such a place existed till Alvin told us they served pretty nice and decent food there. So you guessed where we went :) Supply & Demand > Marche.

We ordered the above, and my friends introduced us the Pork and Chicken - Which was cooked perfectly well. The pork was soft and succulent, and almost felt like it literally melted in my mouth. There you go, heading straight for another bite. The chicken was pretty tender, and both the seasoning of the meat was perfect. Served the 5 of our taste-buds pretty well. The servings are a little on the bigger side - You could always take a tasting portion of the pastas (Must try!) and a meat for sharing. Of course, not forgetting the sweet potato fries :P

One other that stole the limelight of the night was the Morning Sunrise Pizza. I quickly did a search on Google on the recommended food for S&D, and there it popped out. Nice, yummy thin crust pizza with a cracked, runny egg seated right on top. Image from DanielFoodDiary. The taste, a mix of everything with mushrooms, egg whites, cheese, tomato dressings, meat and the yolk - exploded in my mouth. It was definitely a dish worth sharing. The thin crust made it easier to share, and STILL keep a main for yourself :)

However, we were seated right underneath a blasting A/C, which could be pretty bad to the food coming out hot and fresh from the kitchen. It makes you want to finish up the food pretty fast (and you wouldn’t get to slowly let the taste linger after every bite) and towards the end, you’ll get cold, hard pastas with dried up cream sauce and soggy fries. Big no no :) But overall, it was a pleasant dining experience, surrounded with great company and delish food.

I’ll definitely return again for their Brunch and dessert menu. Also, they have an extensive tea menu (covering more than 40 to 50 different types of teas) at $9.90++ per pot! Oh yum. There’s nothing more to say to a caffeine lover (Tea, Coffee or Me?)

Update: And while I was in line for LKY's state funeral on a Friday evening, I caught sight of another outlet for Supply & Demand right beside Esplanade, in between Makansutra. It looked like a really awesome place to hang with friends over endless conversations, magnificent view of our metropolis city and the serenity.

Supply & Demand
277 Orchard Road, #02-13/14, Orchard Gateway, 238858
6702 6218

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