Friday, March 20, 2015

The Lawn

There will be days we loathe, hate and rant to death - That is why Twitter exists. There will be days we love, go for coffee runs, and feed ourselves with inspiration and jealousy - That is why Instagram exists.

Or at least, for me. When I feel horrible, or am in a naasty mood, I remember I have a twitter account. But on other days, I forget I even have that. No I don't even have the app on my phone because... It's not something I'd click into on a daily basis, unlike Instagram :P But the shitty part is, it contributes to probably 60% of my data usage. Oh the horror of SNS, what have you done! I digress.

I love how such a cosy little place exists in the middle of CBD area - The Lawn! Have you heard? I think I swear by their Olive Rice, and maybe the pacific dory (because I've yet to try their grilled chicken yada yada). It's nice when they run promotions, I patronize... But when I get to use the entertainer app for a 1 for 1 item on the menu, I patronize even more :) Because both my friend and I get to pay less! So with that, both our meal (Olive Rice + Dory + Salad + Sauce) adds up to $15.20 after discount. STEAL.

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As usual, loving the interior. On hectic days, I've never once stopped to realize they actually have quotes, nice tables and benches. Never. But now I know :P And hence the pictures! Instagram-worthy. Speaking of that, my instagram is now filled with the occasional Ju's shameless selfies...

The Lawn

Yummy $7++ lunch! I'm super bad at words, and the garden salad is just, a burst of color - not flavor. The dory was, pretty much spot-on, cooked and herbed to taste, with the sizzle with every bite olive rice (Yeah I kinda want to type garlic rice at this timing...)

If you think you need a switch up from your usual lunch breaks and cuisine, give The Lawn a try :) Their selection of grills is pretty spectacular - You get healthy and good looking food on the plate! Pick up either a salad bowl or sides with olive rice. Both Lawn and Subway are my favorite, and makes me feel slightly better when I go to the gym knowing I have the right amount of food in my tummy.

So... Till then!

They have 2 outlets:

The Lawn At Shenton
8 Shenton Way
#B1-11, AXA Tower

+65 65348749
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
10:30am - 09:00pm
*last order 45 mins before closing*

The Lawn At Biopolis
31 Biopolis Way
#01-07, Nanos

+65 64789739
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
11:15am - 09:00pm

10:00am - 04:00pm
*last order 45 mins before closing*


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