Saturday, April 4, 2015

The entire furkid family, and the passing of Smarty the Dwarf Rabbit.

Ju and his family are pet lovers, and I've always had a soft heart and tend to fall into love and love others and things around me too easily.

As I grow up, I fell in love with things, with pretty delicate designs, with simplicity, with aggressive colors - but all of these do not possibly coincide together. I fell in love with books, and I fell in love with magazines, and then reading sites online that drives inspiration - and all of these do not possibly come together; when I set aside x time for books, I lose x time for magazines and sites. And that's when I start to dilute my focus and I'm pretty much all over the place. That's me, typically.

And one of the things that took up most of my time apart from doing all of the above, and loving them unconditionally - are our pets. They're not only our pets, but many would agree that they're part of your family - Your joy, laughter, and source of companions when everyone else in the world didn't matter. They did.

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The 3 dogs (Spencer, Winnie and Wincci) just went for a full grooming session on Friday. They spent the entire day at their spalon, while June, the owner showers and trim them so that they come home with an all-shaven look. It's about time!

I even got a complete furkid family picture! Such a rare sight.

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This is Lexy, as introduced in my previous post here. Look at how big she has grown! Well, not entirely big, but it's been a month and I cannot possibly imagine in the years to come - Ju and I can't wait to bring you over to our new home!

But I'm pretty glad that I have them in my life, they somehow found their place in my heart and existed, for a very long time. I lost Smarty 2 weeks ago - his passing was sudden and came as a shock to the entire family. I was shaken, because he left behind such amazing memories of his presence that I am not able to let go of.

Between Lexy and him (they're siblings by the way), he was always the naughtier one, the one with mischief up his hind legs (sleeve), and loves looking for adventure by jumping out of his playpen, or onto flower pots and then creates his own season of playpen-break. While Lexy just stays in her home chewing away Alfafa Hay.

Watch how Smarty escapes his playpen. Indeed living up to his name 😉

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Ju once found Smarty in his room all of a sudden - so he has escaped to look for company. At another similar experience, Ju found Smarty drinking water from Wincci and Winnie's (Our Malteses) bowl in the kitchen - so the water is cleaner on the other side. It's amazing how having Smarty in my life, 2 weeks, though short, has planted enough memories more than any other human did. And it was all of those, the charming eyes of his, that makes me fall in love with him, over and over again.

It is those images of how he cleans his sister Lexy, licks her hands, and snatch over a crunchy Alfafa twig... The memories of Smarty lives forever in my heart. x


  1. why did the poor bun pass??

    1. Sorry anon, I wished I knew the reason, but when I received the call, he was already short of breath and passed a few minutes after.


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