Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Music Run Singapore

The Music Run SG 2015 It was a well-spent Saturday over at The Music Run, hosted at Sentosa Island. TMR in short, was nothing but a fun and awesome hyped-up run with different genres of music along your running route, spicing up every step covered in your run. If you still have no idea what it was like, here's the official promotional video for TMR 2014!

The Music Run has happened in Yangon, Bangkok and even Jakarta and has indeed lived up to its beat! With songs powered by Spotify, they know what are the best songs that people listen to on their Spotify every single day. They play nothing but the best.

Some of my iPhone visuals below from the run:

The Music Run Singapore 2015
With the stage emcee crew getting the crowd warmed up for their run. Wave after wave we go, BOOM!

The Music Run SG 2015
What's music run without our friends? I got Alvin to head down to the run with me (also my friend and running enthusiast) - it all started when we were tracking our own runs with Nike+! Look what Nike is doing, they're building a community! It was a mini-practice run, and I had my fair share of impossible thoughts in between after 2km of the run, but we completed it anyway.

We wanted to take the rail back out to the city, but the snaky lines has definitely put us off. But off we ran on foot back out by the roads - and thank the cheering crowd that drove pass in an MPV that cheered us on! Max Brenner was almost guilt-free. 7 odd kilometers covered for the day!

The Music Run Singapore 2015
The Music Run is for friends :)

The Music Run Singapore 2015
And families too! For the young, to the old, and your little pets - TMR knows no boundaries!

The Music Run Singapore 2015
And there we stood, at the front of the stage with the crew, getting the party started for TMR's after party, that ended on a note with amazing fireworks show. Legendary K-Leah is in flower-printed tee! How well, she sings. I don't kid.

Will I join another run like this again? Definitely! This was my first ever (I bailed on Army Half Marathon last year) run and it is definitely not my last. What a memory.

It definitely got my heart go boom boom - And finally resting my lower back well enough, to track a total of 7+km yesterday! The recovery was all worth it. Progress, however slow, is still progress! Hopefully the gym sees more of me next week :P Wait, is that a promise?

Thank you TMR!

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