Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Places to get workout gear & fitness apparels in Singapore

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Have you seen the recent boom on sports luxe, or workout gear and fitness apparel trend? It's almost everywhere - I can't seem to hide from it, or breakaway from it. Pretty nice fitness gym apparels tempt the shit out of me, and can literally break my bank. But yet there are places to shop at in Singapore for such pretty workout clothes without breaking your bank - By that I mean, spending less than SGD50 each on tops, sports bra, tights, shorts and/or leggings. But where?

Previously I wrote a post on Forever 21's New Wave, literally. They sell the most affordable and comfortable type of swimwear (that can sometimes double up as sportswear) and activewear on their site, ever. If you ask me how many times do I go on their site to crawl for their new arrives in their active wear section, it's definitely before payday (to add the items to cart) and after payday (to add new items, if any) and check out.

I could buy 4 pieces and probably an entire set of sportswear and spend less than SGD100. It's possible! Most of the sports gear range from around SGD20-40.

I used to buy them online from Forever 21's US website, but not anymore since I found out that F21 outlet at Kallang Wave Mall also sells them! The plus point? You get to try them on in the fitting room! Ta-daaahhhh!

What's even better is that - For students, there is a 10% discount for purchases made on weekdays (I think it's Monday - Thursday) and it's a sweeeettttt (sweat) treat that you shouldn't miss out :) Well, if you are ever in need of a fix to get some sportswear without having to wait for long shipment timings, purchase your items in USD and get charged for local shipment via VPost, you know where to go now!

Here, I've even conveniently picked out what I liked to try! But I left it back on the rack to get my sister (still a student) to get it for me :P 10% off appx SGD100, $10 saved! A little savings go a long way :P

Also, here's one of my progress since I started to go back into my active routine 2 months back. Slowly easing into the weights, still managing some mini kayla workouts here and there and mainly getting the legs toned and the arms, stronger.

I haven't been diet friendly - My main goal is still having more protein and gaining a little more mass. I don't look the best right now, a little too small for my liking but imperfections are what that motivates you, and embracing them makes you perfect.

And yes, I wear my trusty JBL Synchros Reflect BT Earphones to the gym, just because it provides so much convenience, awesome sound quality and most importantly, tangle-free! It doesn't interfere with anything and I love how disconnected yet connected it makes me feel. *Playing pop songs in the background*

These are retailing at $109, available for purchase at Lazada Singapore. You can purchase them here. Colors are Black, Blue, Red and Green! TIP: Get them on Lazada Singapore during the weekends with Citibankand get 10% off! Pay only $98.10 after discount with FREE SHIPPING! Also, if you've missed the window for weekends, pay with Mastercardon Monday and get 10% off as well!

Other places that you can purchase gym/ activewear in Singapore (and will probably write about it soon if I haven't):

1. H&M Singapore
2. Urban Slings Singapore
3. Zalora Singapore - Love brands they carry like Lorna Jane, Off-season Nike

Let me update this list soon! But for now, ta! Happy werking it!


  1. Hi Jolene ! Where did you get your light blue pants from your recent Instagram post? Thanks!

    1. Hey anon, thanks for dropping by :) It's from F21 Activewear as well!

  2. Hi Jolene! I like your dress on your recent insta post! When is it from?

    1. Hello Anon, thank you! It is from Bangkok Platinum Mall :)


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