Friday, July 24, 2015

The Classic Routine - Life in Stop & GO Motion

Life Quotes

How have you been? I've been pretty caught up with this term that we share in common - Life. Who doesn't, really?

The past 2 weeks have been pretty awesome. Let me elaborate - My dad returned for his annual leave, made a 10 days plan to drop by and watch me graduate, attend my convocation, patiently waited for me to end work every single day so that we could have simple dinners together, spending time trying to save money this trip and some mini luggage shopping, accompanied me on the day I had a flea market and bought me sandwiches because I didn't feel like eating anything else...

Mom & Dad show their love in different ways for many different people. Some parents do it differently, but that's how my parents do it. They care for their children and in turn, one day we'll care for them like how they care for us too. In my family, I'd like to extend this love and care to my Popo and my uncle who have been living with me since I was a kid, and they play a huge role in my entire growing up process. The ones who've never failed to motivate, to make sure all that illness would be taken care of. I am indeed, lucky to have came so far to where I am today. Parents & Family will always be That Pillar, regardless how old we've grown or regardless how self-sufficient we are. They would always give the extra to make sure we're okay. And that is being the bigger person, putting others before themselves and that's where I'd like to be one-day.

Because without them, I'd only crumble and fall.

Baby G Workout, Singapore
Baby G Workout, Singapore

Apart from them, my past 2 months revolved around taking training more seriously. Together with my Poly Classmate - Greg whom happened to be in the same gym as me, we've been training together and of course, motivating one another! My best training partner definitely - Guiding me in all exercises and showing me dem gains... I have so much more to work on, to improve and to learn. Seeing small results, slowly but practice, not perfection.

You'd probably see from my instagram already, I bought a new Baby G G-Lide Series Watch from Lazada Singapore when they had some sale going on - All new summer color 2015 for only $113 after discount! What a steal I'd say! It came with 1 year local supplier warranty and I'm in love with the fresh colour while working out in the gym already. A little mid-year present to myself, half a year into the working world, and many more years to go!

Till next time bunnies! xx

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  1. Looking gorgeous as usual! And congrats to your graduation dear!

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