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2-016: A difference a year makes

Within a year, we've completed countless things, felt a million types of emotions, and have been through thousands of valuable life lessons. That - It wouldn't stop. The priorities in life have also shifted, and for the sake of memento, below are some snippets of the flash back that once felt very real.

2014: I've returned from Hong Kong, only to start my internship at Lazada Singapore, and completing my 4 years of university education. Babe and I took an 8 days break in Bangkok, exploring countless night markets and mingling with the city lights.

We ended our year with a trip to Korea for 15 days, trooping in majestic wonderland. I was loving every single bit of vacay that I had. 2014 was then over. It was a year of experimental change, of meeting new people, starting a fresh internship in a start-up company, completing the Final Year Project, and hosting friends over at my place every now and then. The beauty in all of that still lives till date. It was the year of challenge, and growing to meet expectations.

2015: It was the start of the year that I booked an impromptu trip to Hong Kong alone, only to stay with Den & her lovable family (Thank you for having me). 5 days though short, but we learnt a lot about one another, and it was because of this trip that sparked the usual talks, and then slowly grow to talk even more, and now she's my colleague in my company whom I see every day, but have little time for. :'( I'm sorry.

It was Chinese New Year, and I met up with Cheryl, a friend whom I've grown to be close to while we were in Hong Kong a year back. And now we're talking about different phases of life. That was also my first treat to a friend with my very first paycheck :)

I then went back to work at Lazada, the same old building which I've interned at a year back, finding the same type of tranquil at their looming dark staircases that harness quite a lot of memories and talks for many people. The building is now cordoned off, it looks like a ghost town, but I wonder why these memories still stay so poignant and fresh.

Then came my birthday, and babe surprised me with 2 new furkids in my life - Smarty & Lexy, of which the former has passed, and the latter has given birth to 4 beautiful little bunnies. I'm still a super proud grandmother, and sometimes I wished that I could have more time for everyone and everything around me. It's a little frightening how life just passes, and I need to choose who & what to prioritize.

It was also a year of pain and grief for my little Wincci - Towards the last few hours of her last breath, I've watched her suffer, and babe got it worst. Babe and I went into the vet and watch her get put to sleep. It was when we knew her pain finally ended. I watched that breathing bit of life in front of me; with her blood in the veins turn stale and black, and the last few moments was when she never struggled anymore with the barks - She was gone. I still miss her, any dog owner would know that.

It was also a year of growth, a year of getting up to speed and staying hungry yet fresh at the same time. It was the year of change, and a year of completing different things in the same period of time. It's amazing how time just passes and age catches up with you like that, those little bit of flashbacks, but amongst all the hustle and bustle, I've learnt that - Work is important, and so is Life.

Many a times we're so caught up with what we have to do on a day-to-day basis, but we forget that there are actually people that matters, and people that cares for you; people that loves you and hates seeing you feel so sad, depressed, grouchy all the time. Seeing you in that state, hurts them. And there will always be people out there waiting to watch you fall. I've never stopped caring - There are people that I know I love, and this year, I'll make time for.

It was also about the simple moments in life, or breakfast and view that you can wake up to every morning. It was that simple. The hardest decision that morning was choosing what to eat at the buffet line.

It was also about meeting new friends at the same places. In 2014, babe and I visited Krabi and met Romanio. We hung out the days after during our trip, and explored caves and other islands together. In 2015, my friends and I visited Krabi again and met a nice French family that have decided to work and retire there. And that's the beauty about being lost, and being there.

It was also my first time participating in one of my closest friends' proposal. Being a witness of the beautiful love story that sparked 7 years ago on that very day, melted everyone's heart. I was lucky that those tears I had sent rolling down my cheeks, were covered behind the shots of my camera. I couldn't be any happier for the both of them :)

Also, remembering my post in 2015 on New Year, Old Resolution?

Comparing with 2014 August when I was at my strongest, my 2015 had been a great year of getting back on track with the intended resolution. I've fixed problems, gain a little weight, worked out with my gym buddy (Greg the Beast) - I can't thank him enough for always being my motivation whenever I'm running low, or even trying to push me for the last 3 reps when I'm almost off the track, and help me with all the last few reps and weights from time to time. I've definitely grew in year 2015, and 2016 will not be any less. This is a constant goal, and with the right push, I'll get there :)

Not forgetting, TW and Alvin for urging me to pick up Muay Thai. We went for trial classes together since October, right till year-end. Now it's just about getting it back up again. Practice makes perfect, I'll say.

2016: This is a year of dreams, and a year of a bigger change. In the first half of the month, I've decided to challenge myself to a day-to-day journal to count my blessings. It was as simple as that. There were things daily that I was thankful for, and a new year of new beginnings - Many would say, so would I. It gets tough, sometimes tougher, but don't forget we're only at day 22. While typing all of these, I was writing backwards (with all that memories), and now trying to type something forward seems a little hard, with multiple pauses and backspaces. The uncertainty is real.


It is also a year to make bigger plans. I'm finally hitting the mid-20 mark, and it seems almost unbelievable when I just entered uni 5 years ago. Sometimes, it is all about rectifying the present, embracing actions, working out solutions, and controlling emotions. They're the main drivers of my 2016, and I hope you've found something to believe in before we start spearheading into mid year :)

Thank you for threading on thin ice with me all the time. And most importantly, still by my side braving the thick and the thin together. Through the good and bad x

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