Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fitness Workout Routine

I used to have long hair, but every single time the weather gets warmer, and I look at my older pictures when I had shorter hair, I thought -- Why not? And then it gets short again till I leave it on for another year ;) I go to the gym and the hair gets in the way, or it just looks bad after a long day at work I don't know how to try and keep it in check. Story of my life. But that's not what I'd love to share today.

It's been a full year since I've been serious with workouts, started with a clean-slate after my back injury, and I've been recovering well since. Still watching out for the little baby back, but slow progress is still progress.

My goal was simple -- It was to gain and to put on mass. Having looked too skinny (even though I had visible abs), I wanted to look less sickly and have more in my body. (At this point, every single being is beautiful, what's most important is that do what makes you happy) So I started training in the gym almost 3x a week, targeting and trying to develop a few core muscle groups -- Them being the back, arms, shoulders & legs. Ever since Greg introduced me his upper body workout routine, I've been so in love that I could literally replicate, enhance and do it on my own.

The days I dread -- Legs day. The days I love? Shoulders & back, 2 favorite muscle groups that I'd love to see development in.

Left - October 2015/ Right - August 2014

Left - April 2015 / Right - May 2014

A year or more had passed, and definitely I've seen the growth in them. Towards the end of the year, I've had less focus on arms and legs and more on shoulders and back. This year, I had my first breakthrough of back workouts ;) And I cannot be happier. I've put on 5kg since I've started, it's not a lot, but it was definitely visible in terms of mass. So now, I think it's time for me to cut, and the first thing I'd like to focus on are legs.

I know how year-long goals doesn't seem to work -- They're too long, and we hit too many hurdles throughout the year, go through different new struggles from the last and it seems too far away. But that's okay. Here, in Q2, I'll get hyper-focused on the short-term. So what can I do?

In the next 12 weeks, I will be heading on a legs journey with Kayla's Workout -- In case you haven't heard, it is the Sweat With Kayla BBG Workout. I'll be mainly focusing on her legs routine for 12 weeks, on top of that, with interval run sessions and fit in some gym workouts on upper body workout days.

Why? I've seen how I've put on so much around my legs, but I haven't been focusing much on them -- Guilty as charged. So this quarter, it's operation #buildabooty and #tonerlegs! If you'd like to join me, leave me a comment/ shout-out on my social channels so we can do it together. The more the merrier!

Today, I decided to get my lazy ass up on the weekends to head out for an hour run in the sun. I came back a shade darker with workout gear tan-lines along my shoulders and my legs. It was a greaattttt workout nonetheless. An hour run, legs with Kayla for 28 minutes and I walked 3.5km back home.

Most importantly, Every Day Can’t be Awesome, And we just need to realize that That's OK. Do what makes you happy.

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