Sunday, October 9, 2016

Jet Lagged Memories

Every single person has different memories that they lived with, once. Each memory ties with struggles, happiness and fear. We have been yelled at, yelled at people, received love, given a little, sometimes too much. There are many things we think about now and then, what might have changed? (Looks) of course, (Personality) maybe, (Feelings) possibly. But we are still we no matter how different the time is.

The memories that we try to store away, are the ones that we are preoccupied with. They try to bite you from time to time, they remind you how you made it through the teary nights and broken hearts. They remind you of the various tones of the various conversations that you once had, word for word, with expression no less.

But these memories, I call, are jet lagged. They are the reasons why I am alive. They are one of the many reasons why we had a mental breakthrough, when we took that leap of faith and all we did was - To Let Go. We have left broken, but as long as we tell ourselves that we will never be as broken as we were in the past. I keep a constant reminder, where I read, "Fear kills more dream than failure ever will." Since then, I tried to be fearless.

I have grown.

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