Saturday, March 11, 2017

Just joining the fun at #ilightmarinabay

This weekend is a little special and different. I made a try-sell slot for my bike prac class that I was so eager to go for on Friday evening, not because I wanted to, but because my body did not let me. My fingers stumbled across the cancel button twice, the first I re-tracted the transaction with 70% direness to attend. After a long meeting that went on about python and technology, I came out of it feeling drained and sick (sometimes birthday weekends aren't meant for work), I managed to cancel it without taking it back. Someone bought my slot while I was on the train to look for Justin, and we had Korean dinner after that.

The night I had love to care for me. He came back from Malaysia to see me sleeping in the living room, and I had Spencer to keep me company. He laid at the end of my toes, I think I remembered stroking him to sleep. I remembered whispering to Spencer to protect me while I lay. Love woke me up to go back into the room, I remembered vaguely that the room was cold, so he fitted me a lounge pants and said, "I'll hug you to sleep." And then I did.

On Saturday evening we decided to visit I Light @ Marina Bay. I had no idea what it was, only the countless pictures I've seen from my friends on their social feed. We aren't always this quick about events and fairs. We would always choose cosy compared to people. But we decided to go anyway when I suggested we should. Justin didn't say no, and I love him for that.

Shot on Huawei Mate 9 on night mode. I stood at the parking lot and left my phone in front of my Fino, the moon was bright enough and the fiesta was loud enough. Everyone was merry, and the viking ship in front of me was roaring with little screams. It has been long and this scene was definitely a breath of fresh air. I am old and weary.

The night mode did not disappoint. No tripod, but a make-shift non shaky stand would do. I am amazed at what a Leica phone camera quality could produce. On days like these I really miss my D80 or the Sony A5000. Not forgetting my S95 that I am still trying to find a replacement charger for.

Dreamcatchers fill me. I always thought of them to reach my goals, dreams and visions. The web will catch them, and the bad will fall through the holes. A dreamcatcher a country a time, we said. And tasked with this love, we shall.

"In each time of life there are many forces - some good and some bad. If you listen to the good forces, they will steer you in the right direction. But, if you listen to the bad forces, they will hurt you and steer you in the wrong direction."

And again, you make my heart flutter and skip a beat each time I see you. Thank you for always looking out for me, watching my back, and loving me.

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