Saturday, March 4, 2017

Malaysia Boleh Sunday

How a Sunday morning commute looked like. A weekend with no bike prac sessions (Finally). Tried out a new week of practical lessons on Friday evening after work -- It wasn't that bad, great cooling weather despite the long sleeved attire. Here we went, headed off to Jurong Point for brunch-food menu!

It was my first time dining at Malaysia Boleh. I was surprised at the type and choice of food that they offer. Long lines were formed at what seemed like the most popular stall - Their Char Kway Teow! But we did not go there for that. We went for their Bak Kut Teh Stall, ordering Soy Sauce Chicken and Bak Kut Teh to share. The taste was just right, and the soup was not too peppery. If you're a fan of peppery Bak Kut Teh, this is definitely not the place for you :)

Most importantly, I like how it is still quite affordable despite it being marketed as a different avenue of Kopitiam. $11 for 2 for this! This reminds me of RWS Malaysia's Food Street, but a lot more closer to home. I would definitely try other delish dishes - Check out Miss Tam Chiak and SG Food on Foot!

Lastly, their handmade baos that was so filled with fillings with little skin. The char siew was on point. A post-meal snack with a cup of Kopi Kao Siu Dai, mmhmm.

Adding one more from last night, where we had dinner semi-together, where he was entertained by Mobile Legends for about 20 minutes. Now who said Dota on-the-go wasn't possible? Tech in action!

Back to Sunday, and it is almost over. One quarter of 2017 is almost gone. What have we done? Hoping to clear my entire Stage 2 for Bike by March (Keeping fingers crossed) and definitely a bike journey to remember. Failing Stage 2.01 twice did not stop me, although I felt pretty stupid for over-thinking on the road. Till then!

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