Saturday, September 30, 2017

Airbnb in Munich and Salzburg

Our Airbnb in Munich

Just located right outside Hardener Stern Station, it was a less than 5 minutes walk to the apartment. The owner rented out its entire living area to us, making the place most comfortable for 2, with sufficient space for our luggages, and a huge desk for us to work on every night. This was practically much it. The plus point included the balcony for fresh air in the morning, and a bed comfortable enough for 2 of us.

The owners were really quiet, and they hardly disturb you, but you'll be out most of the time, so a roof over our head gives us the most comfort. One point to note about co-sharing in Airbnb though, is to accustom yourselves to their living habits, and how their home is like. It was pretty affordable, at about 60 sgd per person per night, for a night in Munich, it's pretty good 5D4N I'd say. Thanks Rch!

Our stuff are sprawled all over the table, charging hobs from Anker that allows you to charge up to 6 devices at a time. It is definitely travel-friendly! (Read post here) We also got our wifi-egg from Y5buddy, that enables you to stay connected all around Europe. The only downside of this egg is that since it does not use a SIM card in it, the connection is very much dependent on the nearest server that gets you connected to. So if you're always on the go (like us, taking the trains), it'll constantly be finding the nearest server to connect. You get wonky connection sometimes.

Would we recommend Y5buddy? Maybe not for Europe. We've used the wifi egg from Changi recommends for other trips that we've had, and I believe they had better connectivity than this. Going back to ChangiRecommends for Tokyo in November!

Our Airbnb in Salzburg

Located walking distance from Salzburg HBF, we didn't have to take long-hour subway rides to get to where we want to. Also, located a less than 20 minutes bus ride away to the City Centre was amazing. The location was perfect, and quiet enough to keep the neighbourhood sound asleep at night.

There were a few buses running to the city right outside the apartment, and a nice restaurant (FUXN) recommended in Salzburg eatery guide that's a stone throw 400m walk away from us. The best thing was to interact with the owners and knowing a little more of what they do, and a day in their life is indeed interesting. And slow of course.

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