Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Motocross Part 2 in Bintan with BACmotocross!

What a ride to remember.

This time, 5 months apart, we are back on the roads again. We booked a total of 8 bikes, and carried a total of 11 bikes in total together with 3 guides to deal with a bigger group; the experiences were different, the routes were different, and the memories are real. Another ride of a lifetime, and only ever possible with BACmotocross!

Another public holiday trip out of the country, only to find our favourite Baka Baka stall which we had for the previous trip is closed! Nonetheless, we ventured into the same hipster spot for more Indo tze-char dinner and a chill time at The Canopy after. The place we've wanted to go previously, but we just had us 4. Now we have multiplied! We had a total of 8! Yay!!!

The sky looked a lot like this, it was beaming with pride.

And we woke up the next morning to this. Our beast of a ride parked beautifully waiting for us : ) Harry is still the best organiser, though we've yet to see him, but I'm pretty sure one day we will get to ride with him! Leo, our guide, is still as crazy as ever. Love it!!!

This time, we dismounted at a different location, right beside an elevated land. We rode it down after. Smart!

Somewhere along the way, some of us fell... Some of us had funnier incidents like these! Sorry Cruz...
These candids credits to Leo :P Thank you for capturing our memories!

We had new hills, new views, new group pictures. These terrains that we'll never forget. And note to group: We'll make it to the beach next time!

Till next time!

In case you've missed it, read the first ride with BAC here: Motocross Part 1

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